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Warlord Mark vs. Warmaster Rick

Canadians vs. Germans

Game 1 modified where Germans are attacking allied occupied city during Battle of Bulge. I do realize historically that the Canadians were not in this area, however we modified this to allow Warlord Mark to use his Canadian force as he had no Americans to use as of yet.

Game used a huge table that Warmaster Rick has in the Bunker. It is great fun to play on a large table for maneuver and gun ranges and the table is beautiful. I will try to put a video up showing pics of the game on my youtube channel Sgt. Oddballz.

I was GM in the game. Germans had 1500 points as with the game 1 that Warlord Mark and I played a week ago. I decided to use rules that game would not have turns and stop when Germans got their objectives or when it was obvious they were not. The game ended around turn 3 but it was rather long game for some reason.. I think we did a lot of BS :).

Germans force mainly consisted of 2 inexp King Tigers, a Panzer 38t flamethrower and 2 5 man pioneer squads with a Captain. This was vs. Candadians who had a Sherman, a WASP, a mortar, a few bren carriers, a PIAT team, Sniper, and well I cant remember aside from they were defending with hidden deployment using markers in place of units until units became unhidden.. also use a few “fake” markers to throw off knowing where everything is per say.

Germans sustained a few pioneer casualties and the Canadians Arty Observer (oh I forgot they had one :D) called for Arty and Start of turn 3 it finally went off and put 4 pins on the rear King Tiger. There was some heavy fighting by the bridge that the Germans crossed into the Canadian defended town (Warmaster Rick actually set it up after a town in the area of the Bulge.. but I cant remember it off hand… I know I know lol.) The victory conditions for the Germans were to get majority of their force into town which they did on turn 3 and game was done.

Germans: Primary and Secondary Objectives secured. PO secure town with majority of force. SO capture bridge a bridge on the far side of the city… which was got cause the Canadians bottled and retreated off for some tea.

Canadians: Primary Objective secured: PO was to keep 1/2 of their force alive. Canadians started pulling out at top of 3rd turn do to the Germans being in the town and ended well cause the Germans had caused the game to end :). Since the Canadians withdrew from the town it was agreed the Germans would achieve their SO of capturing the far bridge as it was uncontested.


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