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Warlord Mark vs. Warmaster Rick
Canadians vs. Germans

Game 1 modified where Germans are attacking allied occupied city during Battle of Bulge. I do realize historically that the Canadians were not in this area, however we modified this to allow Warlord Mark to use his Canadian force as he had no Americans to use as of yet.

Game used a huge table that Warmaster Rick has in the Bunker. It is great fun to play on a large table for maneuver and gun ranges and the table is beautiful. I will try to put a video up showing pics of the game on my youtube channel Sgt. Oddballz.

I was GM in the game. Germans had 1500 points as with the game 1 that Warlord Mark and I played a week ago. I decided to use rules that game would not have turns and stop when Germans got their objectives or when it was obvious they were not. The game ended around turn 3 but it was rather long game for some reason.. I think we did a lot of BS :).

Germans force mainly consisted of 2 inexp King Tigers, a Panzer 38t flamethrower and 2 5 man pioneer squads with a Captain. This was vs. Candadians who had a Sherman, a WASP, a mortar, a few bren carriers, a PIAT team, Sniper, and well I cant remember aside from they were defending with hidden deployment using markers in place of units until units became unhidden.. also use a few “fake” markers to throw off knowing where everything is per say.

Germans sustained a few pioneer casualties and the Canadians Arty Observer (oh I forgot they had one :D) called for Arty and Start of turn 3 it finally went off and put 4 pins on the rear King Tiger. There was some heavy fighting by the bridge that the Germans crossed into the Canadian defended town (Warmaster Rick actually set it up after a town in the area of the Bulge.. but I cant remember it off hand… I know I know lol.) The victory conditions for the Germans were to get majority of their force into town which they did on turn 3 and game was done.

Germans: Primary and Secondary Objectives secured. PO secure town with majority of force. SO capture bridge a bridge on the far side of the city… which was got cause the Canadians bottled and retreated off for some tea.

Canadians: Primary Objective secured: PO was to keep 1/2 of their force alive. Canadians started pulling out at top of 3rd turn do to the Germans being in the town and ended well cause the Germans had caused the game to end :). Since the Canadians withdrew from the town it was agreed the Germans would achieve their SO of capturing the far bridge as it was uncontested.

Battle of the Bulge Game 1

*Battle of Bulge Game 1 “Capture Fuel”

*_Germans are starting the first phase of what the Americans called Battle of the Bulge. The Germans goal is to have one last final push to gain control of Antwerp. This engagement occurs in the Ardennes on the way to Antwerp in a small village community in the area controlled by American forces. Germans have sent a force ahead of the main panzer divisions to secure some fuel for the main force so it can quickly get to its objective in Antwerp prior to the weather breaking where German forces would be easily picked off by Allied Aircraft. It has started to have some snow flurries in the area but no major accumulation as of yet.

*Battle of Bulge and German Operation Watch on the Rhine theater selectors to be used for infantry platoons and tank platoon selection… there probably wont be any pershing tanks as example :). Game 1 uses main rulebook, American and German Army Books along with the additional rules here.

Game lasts 6 standard turns and is finished at end of turn 6 unless Germans have forces in 2×2 foot section where fuel dump is at which time it will go onto end of turn 7 at which time Germans need all allied units in the 2×2 section to be destroyed and still have a unit of their own in the area.
Max 12 order dice per side maybe used at any time, however you may have more units than dice they just dont activate… and you must choose wisely on your actions in this case.

Just because you have up to given points to spend does not mean you have to spend them all. When you spend your points on any unit they will be locked in for the entire campaign even when unit is destroyed in game (it comes back for another game its locked in your roster… however vehicles must be inexperienced and their crews if die will loose their skills and advancement to regular and vet status on any additional games so you must keep track of them). Finally, if you dont spend all your points on one game (keep extra unused points or gain points from new senerio) you can save them for lets say a new tank platoon where you gain 500 points but cant afford 3 tanks to make platoon… but yous saved X points in prior game so lets say now you have enough you can activate the tank platoon slot and pay points and field that platoon to be used…. clear as mud i know but i think easy to understand lol.

Primary Objective: Germans get to 2×2 section where fuel barrels are located and no enemy units are in the same 2×2 section than German Victory and fuel is captured and progress to game 2 removing fuel shortage rule and gaining 500 points of reinforcements (note it will still have to capture fuel in each game but game 2 if win game 1 have enough fuel to not have vehicle shortage rules in effect … see main rules.

American Objective: prevent above and if sucessful gain 500 points of reinforcements and can use points into infantry platoon currently being used and or add 500 points to start a second infantry platoon and game 1 replayed. If win again gain a further 500 points and option of another platoon (tank or infantry). If game 1 played a third time with this and Americans win than this part of Battle of Bulge is finished and Americans have succeeded in stoping the advance in this area and is the campaign is done.

Germans start with 1500 points and may have 1 infantry and 1 tank platoon (tank platoon must have 3 tanks to meet min tank platoon requirement or the tank platoon can not be used at this time but will be available still if wins game 1 of campaign). Germans have* fuel shortage rules on all vehicles*. Germans deploy using long table edge and when dice pulled enter table as advance or run move. Units unable to come on because of more units than dice come in on other turns and are considered down off the table. Units not coming in on turn 1 will need to roll leadership test as reserves for following turns to come on the long table edge…. choose wisely who you want to come on first turn :). Germans may setup artillery, snipers and spotters as per rules on table but all other units start as described above.

River maybe crossed but it is not easy. Any unit wishing to cross it must take a Ld check to do so (trying to figure out best way across, muddy, steep, slippery, etc). If Ld failed the unit remains where it is (must declare you are wanting to move across river prior to advancing, thus if you know you are going to cross it declare it and roll vs Ld. If you succeed you advance across as normal. In addition if a Fubar is rolled for this your infantry unit takes a light mortar hit (not really but some guys have got carried away down stream in freezing water) and tank takes a d3 turns as it threw a track or got stuck making the attempt. On fubar you will go ahead and place unit near the river to simulate the incident as well. Unit must make a Ld check to attempt to cross next turn assuming it is able to do so.

The bridge is really the best route and according to German intelligence has not been rigged with explosives. Bridge can be destroyed however, treat it as Tiger 2 armor, if pen rolled roll on chart and destroyed vehicle result same as bridge destroyed!

Recovery Vehicles are in Tank War supplement and fielding them and their rules are as in book.

Pioneers per German Theater are apparently not available at this time to assist with any operations. Please read your theater books well.

Americans are defending and start on table on the other side 4×4 worth of tiles located South of the river (directions will use real life North as reference for my game table, however Germans are assumed to be coming from the West and heading East). Americans start with hidden deployment and are actually hidden using markers until unit reveals itself or is discovered as per main rules. Americans can have 1 platoon (infantry) to start with 1000 points to spend on units.
*No Airstrike units/observers for Airstrikes are avaliable
as weather is getting bad as per historical accounts.

All vehicles use tank war rules for crew advancement and each new vehicle/crew intro into a game must be inexperienced level and grow in skill and levels as campaign moves forward… however the inexperienced cost will always be used for fielding said unit even if it becomes a regular or vet with skills. Any crew in a unit or vehicle will be rolled for at end of game to see if and who survives. Surviving crew may gain a new tank at start of new game for its inexperienced cost but it must be of same type used when crew started out. * Vehicles if using multiple units need to be identified as which crew is in which tank so all players know what unit/vehicle has what crew and such.*

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