This is Pioneer Panzers Wargaming Club’s Bolt Action narrative campaign and mission site done by Sgt. Oddballz. Bolt Action is a game by Warlord Games based on platoon level 28mm World War 2 miniature war game. Below are rules we are currently using at the moment in addition to Bolt Action Rules… Please note at this time I do not own all the Bolt Action Army Books/supplements so things could change if I find out about additional rules that might be better or replace things I have written thus far.

Campaign Rules:

Forces are to be played at 2000 points per player or as agreed to start the campaign/league. This can any number of platoons (reinforced/theater specific if playing a certain campaign like “Battle of the Bulge”) and either reinforced and or tank platoons as long as they can fill minimum requirements for platoons. Tank platoons consisting of 2 heavies like Soviet Tank Platoons would be acceptable as they did come in 2s as long as player can justify the platoon… otherwise the the example given of a tank platoon must be 3 tanks as shown in tank supplement book.

Any Bolt Action Rulebook maybe used.

Army lists should be shown to opponet after the game to ensure that the lists were
correct. Any issue should be negotiated on victory points awards and person in the wrong should agree to allow opponet to gain a certain perk for their mistake out of sportsmanship. If a GM used the GM should be shown the lists at beginning and the GM will be the ruling authority on disputes.

If a GM (Gamemaster) used than the GM will run random events that might occur in the game and the GM will either create or run a prefab senerio game for the players. If no GM than players agree to alternate who creates or picks game to be played and make up a story to go with it :).

Losses sustained will only be recorded if it is a tank platoon. Tank advancement rules will be in effect for the campaign. Thus if crew member dies those skills are lost. If crew dies all together than the crew and tank is lost and if that same tank is used in future game it will be starting out with 0 experience and considered a “new crew.”

Tank platoons maybe bought as any experience level not just inexperienced. However if you buy inexperienced tanks the cost will stay the same that you paid for it and that tank through its surviving and gaining experience and skills can be advanced to regular and then vet.. only you will not have to pay the points for it. Players can choose to play regular or vet and same thing will occur except for the vet tanks as they can only get skills… if a player wanted to pay for them at beginning and not work the way up there is a price to pay so to speak :).

Optional: Any non tank platoon unit (infantry, transport, teams, etc that are completely wiped out (not by pins alone) will be needing to be purchased again points wise or your list will need to have them deducted as the unit is lost. Tanks will suffer this if they loose the entire crew then the tank is also lost and you have to purchase the tank all over again if want it and start with new crew… this is different than the paragraph above as this is all optional rules. These rules allow for losses that are not easily replaced and unbalanced lists vs. each other for more realism. Not using these rules will allow for balanced as intended Bolt Action games outside fo the senerio but using Tank Wars Supplement advancement rules.

Victory Points Advancement:
Primary Objective and secondary objective (or only objective for game) 500 points
Primary Objective (or draw for single objective games) 250 points
Secondary Objective 200 points
Defeat (no objectives) 100 points
Defeat vs. opponet with larger force, underdog will gain 200 points as if achieved a secondary objective.
*If playing larger force a handicap will be granted allowing no unit losses for the underdog force as long as that force is outclassed over 500 point or more.

Special Rules:

Dangerous rivers (to be changed if in future Bolt Action rules.. they might be in a book i dont have yet :). ). Troops wanting to cross a dangerous river/stream may do so however they must make a Ld check prior to their advance move. If failed unit goes “down” where it is at and no movement made. If unit sucessful than make advance move as normal. This represents unit trying to find best place to cross and being careful etc. If a “fubar” is made when Ld check done move unit to river where it was going to cross and leave it there. If it is a vehicle it rolls 1d3 for how long it is stuck turn wise.. can be pulled out faster if using a recovery vehcile as described in tank war supplement. Infantry and teams will not get “stuck” but will sustain a light mortar hit as something gone wrong in crossing and some troops have drowned and the unit is trying to recover etc.

Tank Riders: Any army may use tank riders and use tank rider rules as the Soviet Army does with following restrictions:
Tank must be Armor 9 (sherman tank sized) and no more than 10 riders allowed. Thus no tankettes with riders.. and some limits on how big squad is to ride on standard tanks… American 12 man units would need a halftrack or something instead.. but a 10 man German unit would be good to go… so plan accordingly.

*If not using 6×4 size standard table and or standard senerios from Bolt Action Books… following rules can be used:

*Our gaming group uses at times a really big table to play which is great for getting good movement and weapons range usage… like German 88s can shine range wise.
Senerios on our large tables are played according to the Attacker’s Primary Objective. For example: If attackers PO is to get a 1/2 his force into a town and he does so on turn 3 than the game stops at end of turn 3. Now on these large tables we use secret objectives and a GM who assigns and determines when the attacker achieves his PO or if its not going to happen the GM ends the game after seeing if Attacker can score his secondary objective. Thus Primary and Secondary Objectives are given to both players but not known by the enemy player and can add some fun realism :).

12 order dice max. Larger forces must pick and choose until they get to 12 units left or less then subtract the dice as per rules.

Optional: 4 player game on large table. two order dice bags. two players on a side vs the other two players only its 1 on one but on same table. This said players may attack their friend’s opponet when they pull a dice, but must wait to do action until the other players are not doing a order dice action. Each turn is complete when both bags are empty and then start of new turn.

Optional (The Good, Bad, Ugly, and …): 4 player game free for all… says it all lol. Players put their dice into a bag. Players only get 1 dice per platoon. Pull dice, choose a platoon and then perform actions with the entire platoon and then time to pull another dice to see who activates. Not as back and forth but should be faster than pulling 48 dice out of a bag lol. Also will make for a wierd interesting game :).

Please note i am not a English major nor do i write this to be all about grammer or really for any reason than to put them up for use and to be tweeked by our gaming group and others who might like some ideas here. So keep them negative waves down…. Thanks, Sgt. Oddballz

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